Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Tuesday!

Shrove Tuesday is a special day during the Carnival season which comes immediately before Ash Wednesday, and it is also known as Pancake day because it is common for people to prepare and eat pancakes on this day. But why pancakes? As we all may know, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, a period in which some ingredients of our daily life were to be reduced, or even banished from our diets. This is why it was (and is) quite frequent for people to eat more during the Carnival holidays, as Lent was a period of fasting. The word shrove comes from the verb shrive, meaning the absolution of people’s sins, something very important before starting Lent. So, Shrove Tuesday became the last day in which people could use ingredients such as fats or eggs. And pancakes were the perfect dish to have them all at once! Apart from being a quick and simple recipe everybody could do at home and surely enjoy! That is why I decided to put in a single post all the different pancakes recipes together for you to have them always on hand. Let’s go!

Dutch baby pancakes

This pancake tastes like a crepe suzette because it’s juicy, with an intense vanilla flavour and suuuper soft texture. And you only need some minutes and an oven! Easy, right? Give it a try and you will never ever regret it!

Blueberry pancakes

This blueberry pancakes recipe has neither plain wheat flour nor sugar in it but it has lots of blueberries and an incredible flavour!!! What are you waiting for? You’re gonna love this recipe!

Healthy pancakes with only 3 ingredients!

These pancakes have only 3 ingredients and this is one of the healthiest recipes I’ve ever tried! Delicious and nutritious!

Pumpkin pancakes

If you want to prepare super fluffy pancakes using pumpkins, this is the right recipe for you! We use as well some spices which give them an exotic flavour you’ll love!

Irish traditional pancakes

This is a traditional and simple recipe which is perfect to celebrate this Shrove Tuesday. With just 4 ingredients and no sugar, this is one of my favourite recipes ever!

Irish Boxty

These Irish pancakes are different from all you’ve tried before, made with an ingredient you cannot probably think of, the result is absolutely spectacular!!!


The first time I heard about crumpets was from a friend living abroad, and I loved the fact that these crumpets are well-known since, at least, the 5th century! Anglo-Saxons left us this recipe and we love it for sure!

Fluffy pancakes

And we could not end up this list without including these pancakes we made while preparing a flavourful brunch. They are extremely fluffy and the flavour is out of this world!!!

As you can see, there are a lot pancakes recipes you can do to celebrate this Shrove Tuesday, so no excuses and… get on with it!!!

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