A-Z Recipes

A-Z Recipes

Cookbook: Cooking with kukinhas


Alice’s chocolate tart
Almond sponge cake
Apple crumble
American Brunch
Apple pie
Apple Tarte Tatin
Artichoke fritters
Asturian cachopo
Aubergine gnocchi
Aubergines parmigiana
Aubergine rolls
Avocado with shrimps


Baba Ganoush
Baileys rice pudding
Baked potatoes with chorizo and San Simon cheese
Baked salmon with veggies and soy sauce
Bailey’s milkshake
Banana bread
Banoffee cups
Banoffee pops
Banoffee Pie
Basil and pepperoni pizza
Beans with clams
Blackberry pie
Bell peppers stuffed with couscous and veggies
Bica: white Bica from Laza
Bica from Trives
Birthday cake
Blue cheese croquettes
Blue cheese gnocchi
Blueberries and white chocolate muffins
Blueberry cheesecake
Blueberry pancakes
Botelo and San Simon Croquettes
Bread with multigrain baking mix
Bread omelette
Breton galettes
Brioche French toasts
Burger buns (homemade)
Burgers made of aubergine
Burgers made of chicken, mini edition
Butter cookies
Butter cookies (Danish recipes)


Cabbage leaves stuffed
Caesar Salad
Cake made with 1906 Red Vintage beer
Cake made with 1906 Black Coupage beer
Calçots sauce (romesco, salvitxada)
Cantharellus croquettes
Caramel cheese flan
Caramel lava cake
Carbonara spaghetti (traditional recipe)
Carnival sweet ears
Carrot cake
Carrot truffles (Indian recipe)
Cauliflower meatballs
Cheese and oregano grissini
Cheese and nutella bars
Cheese cream brownies
Cheese fondue
Chestnut cookies
Chestnut creme caramel
Chestnut truffles
Cherry and yoghurt parfait
Cherry cake
Cherry muffins
Chicken boat-wraps
Chicken breasts stuffed
Chicken 1906 beer style
Chicken nuggets
Chicken pizza
Chococheese cake
Chocolate balloons
Chocolate crinkle cookies
Chocolate snacks (homemade)
Chocolate turron (homemade)
Chop Suey
Chorizo and meat squares
Cheese stuffed burgers
Chocolate cake
Chestnuts in syrup
Chocolate croissants
Chocolate fruit cups
Chocolate lava cake
Chocolate orangettes
Club Sandwich
Cocoa cookies
Cod brandade
Cod fritters
Cod in cider
Cod with cream
Cottage cheesecake (from As Neves)
Couscous with veggies
Couscous stuffed tomatoes
Cream biscuits
Creamy strawberry popsicle
Crema catalana
Crème caramel
Croque Monsieur & Croque Madame
Crumble with wild asparagus
Crunchy sea spaghetti
Curried couscous
Custard tarts


Doraemon Dorayakis
Doughnuts (fried)
Dulce de leche chocolates
Dutch Baby Pancakes


Eggplant fritters with honey
Empanada with cockles


Falafel with yoghurt sauce
Ficelle Picarde
Fig tart
Figs stuffed
Filipinos cheesecake
Filloas stuffed with ham and cheese
Fish and chips
Fortune cookies
Fried milk
Fried rice
Frozen bananas


Galets: stuffed pasta
Garlic bread
Gingerbread men cookies
Gin Tonic Jelly shots
Gin tonic popsicles
Globe zucchinis, stuffed
Granola bars
Grilled marinated eggplants
Grilled stuffed chicken breasts
Guinness and Bailey’s Cupcakes
Guinness cake
Guitiriz corn cake
Goat cheese and raspberries salad
Gyozas (Japanese recipe)
Gyoza wrappers


Halloween crazy monsters
Halloween creepycakes
Halloween cupcakes
Halloween salad
Ham croquettes
Healthy breakfast
Healthy pancakes
Honey cake (Medovník)
Hot dog mummies


Inverted sugar
Irish Boxty
Italy burger


Jacket potatoes


Kiwi and strawberry jam
Kiwi mousse


Chicken, zucchini and Arzua cheese lasagna
Cold bread lasagna
Prawns lasagna
Lemon biscuits
Lemon cupcakes
Lemon tree leaves (sweet)
Lentils and pumpkin soup
Lime and lemon sponge cake
Love cookies


Macaroni au gratin
Marinated tuna
Mariñeiras with salmon tartare
Matcha French toast
Matcha mochi
Matcha nougat
Matcha sponge cake
Matcha truffles
Melon mojito popsicles
Milk chocolate mousse
Mini cheesecakes
Mini plum tarts
Mississippi Mud Pie (no bake)
Chocolate mousse
Cheesecake muffins
Ferrero Rocher muffins
Fitness muffins
Vanilla muffins
Mushrooms croquettes
Mushrooms soup


Nachos and guacamole (homemade)
No-churn ice cream
New York Cheesecake
No-bake cheesecake
Nutella (homemade)
Nutella cheesecake
Nutella cookies (3 ingredients)
Nutella rolls
Nuts sponge cake


Octopus and mashed potatoes makis (Galician fair style octopus makis)
Oats meatless meatballs
Oatmeal burgers
Olivier salad
Bread omelette
Onion rings
Orange sponge cake
Oreo and pumpkin cake
Ósos de santo (saint’s bones)


Padron peppers stuffed with cheese
Pain au chocolat
Traditional Irish Pancakes
Panna cotta with kiwi
Peach cake
Peach tart
Peanut butter
Peanut butter and chocolate bars
Peanut butter cups
Peanut butter and chocolate cake
Penne past with blue cheese sauce and walnuts
Pie pops
Pinwheel cookies
Mini pops
Cheese pops
Cake pops
Pink lemonade
Piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna
Pesto sauce with pistachios
Pistachio and raspberries blondies
Chicken salad pita
Mini pizzas
Cheese stuffed crust pizza
Creamy bacon and mushroom pizza
Galician pizza (homemade pizza crust recipe)
Veggies pizza
Poke Bowl
Pomegranates with wine
Potato bombs (croquettes)
Potato omelette stuffed with cheese, ham and lettuce
Prawns (crispy version)
Carnival orellas Pudding
Bread and Marie biscuits Pudding
Pumpkin creme caramel
Pumpkin fritters (Galician style)
Pumpkin and apple soup
Pumpkin pancakes
Pumpkin zucchini cake


Quebec-style tenderloin
Queen scallops and veggies yakisoba
Quesillo canario
Quiche Lorraine
Quick little pizzas
Quince jelly
Quinoa salad
Quinoa sushi


Rainbow pinwheels
Ratatouille with fried egg
Ravioli (homemade)
Red berries crumble
Red Velvet cupcakes
Red wine pears
Red Velvet Cake
Rice noodles with veggies
Risotto with shrimps and mushrooms
Roasted chicken croquettes
Chorizo rolls
Royal cake (Saint James’ cake)


Salad recipes
San Simon cheese parmentier with razor shells
Sant Jordi bread
Sant Jordi Roses
Sautéed chickpeas and spinachs
Sautéed vegetables
Seitan and veggies with curry sauce
Semolina migas
Shiitake wraps
Monkfish and king prawns skewers
Chicken skewers
Spinach, goat cheese and bacon quiche
Squid croquettes
Coloured sugar
Curry shrimp spaghetti
Spaghetti with clams
Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and shrimps
Pumpkin soup
Salad with rice and lentils
Scrambled eggs with brie and eggplant
Sea lettuce croquettes
Seed crackers
Smooth creme caramel
Smoked salmon tartare
Sobrassada and Mahon cheese palmiers
Sole tempura
Sponge cake
Steak and veggies rolls
Stuffed meatballs
Stuffed mushrooms
Summer rolls
Summer salad
Sushi (rice)
Sushi (maki and nigiri)
Sweet turtles


Thumbprint cookies
Tofu ramen
Tricolour sandwich
Burning truffles
Tuna pasties
Turnip tops croquettes
Turnip tops scrambled eggs
Turron panna cotta


Veal round with Porto wine
Vegan lentils
Vegan parmesan
Vegetarian lasagna with seitan
Vegetarian lasagna with soy
Veggies croquettes
Veggies pasties
Veggies stir-fry
Vermouth and Pasta


Wraps with chicken
Welsh cakes
White chard stalks stuffed
White chocolate custard
White chocolate turron
White chocolate nougat with raspberries
White rice cakes with veggies
Winter rolls
Whole wheat bread
World Peace cookies
Wrapped shrimps


Zucchinis – stuffed
Zucchini cannelloni
Zucchini carpaccio
Zucchini flowers
Zucchini fries
Zucchini fritters
Zucchini noodles
Zucchini noodles (Zoodles) with avocado cream
Zucchini pie
Zucchini pizzas
Zucchini ravioli
Zucchini rolls
Zucchini soup