Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Tuesday!

Shrove Tuesday is a special day during the Carnival season which comes immediately before Ash Wednesday, and it is also known as Pancake day because it is common for people to prepare and eat pancakes on this day. But why pancakes? As we all may know, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, a period in which some ingredients of our daily life were to be reduced, or even banished from our diets. This is why it was (and is) quite frequent for people to eat more during the Carnival holidays, as Lent was a period of fasting. The word shrove comes from the verb shrive, meaning the absolution of people’s sins, something very important before starting Lent. So, Shrove Tuesday became the last day in which people could use ingredients such as fats or eggs. And pancakes were the perfect dish to have them all at once! Apart from being a quick and simple recipe everybody could do at home and surely enjoy! That is why I decided to put in a single post all the different pancakes recipes together for you to have them always on hand. Let’s go! Continue reading